Top 5 Neighbor Disputes

Aren’t we supposed to “Love Thy Neighbor?” According to a new survey, 42% of Americans say they’ve been involved in a dispute with their neighbors.

Although most arguments neighbors get into don’t necessarily turn into seriously heated ones, they can still be difficult, cause considerable stress, and in some cases, land you in court.

Here is the list of the top 5 disputes neighbors broken down by

Noise (48% of all disputes). Whether it be from a late-night party or different sleep schedules, noise is apparently the No. 1 way to annoy your neighbor.

Pets and animals (29%). Pets and animals frequently create issues, especially in condominium complexes where people don’t keep their dogs on leashes or pick up after them, or where there is excessive barking.   In New York City, one HOA recently decided to take DNA samples of all dogs so that owners who did not pick up after them could be caught and fined by doing DNA testing of the mess the pet left behind!

Children’s behavior (21%). Similar to pets, children noisily running about is a common complaint.

A visual nuisance, the property’s appearance, trash, etc. (18%).  Unkempt lawns, offensive signs, or overflowing trash cans are a common source of neighborly discord.

Property boundaries (17%).  In these types of disputes, neighbors often have misconceptions about where their property begins and ends, especially in the hills where there are non-conforming, curve-non-linear lots.

How do people usually go about resolving their disputes?

Many people report that their dispute has become so heated that they had to call the police or report the problem to their Homeowners Association.  Respondents also report resolving their dispute by sending a letter or an email.

Dr. Wayne Dyer has always inspired me.  His advice was as follows:  “When the choice is to be right or to be kind, always make the choice that brings peace.”   [RIP Dr. Wayne Dyer, August 30, 2015]

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