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Relationships are complex and can be difficult.  Our culture glorifies violence and tensions are running high – especially these days.   Often people argue and arguments often escalate.

People often seek restraining orders to stop harassment, threats (verbal and physical), stalking (physical and digital), and verbal and physical abuse.  Restraining orders are also often obtained to protect an elder from abuse from family members or caregivers.

Restraining orders are obtained in every relationship setting —  between married, cohabiting couples and roommates, family members, dating individuals, domestic partners, neighbors, elders and caregivers, and co-workers alike, to name but a few.

Our understanding of human dynamics, psychological approach to every case, and years of trial experience help us deliver exceptional representation to clients facing allegations of civil harassment and domestic violence and who need help dealing with a dangerous situation or explosive relationship.   Los Angeles lawyer Jennifer B. Gardner has litigated numerous civil harassment restraining order and elder abuse cases, and she has defended against these allegations, including allegations involving sexual assault and rape, murder, assault and battery, and criminal threats, in criminal court.  She and her associates are committed to exposing exaggerated accusations and to fighting cases that are over-charged.

If you are considering seeking or possibly defending against a restraining order or criminal charges involving allegations of harassment, criminal threats and physical abuse, we can help.   We have extensive experience on all sides of these cases.  Call 310-694-9855 for a complimentary case evaluation, or book your consultation using this scheduling link.