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Legal problems never come at a good time.

If you’re like most people, there usually aren’t thousands of extra dollars sitting around waiting for when you have a legal issue.

Most people try to solve things on their own, until they end up completely stressed out and wondering if perhaps they made things worse.

Sometimes my clients are as anxious about what to do as they are about the problem itself.   This is totally normal, especially when you don’t know who to turn to for help.

If you want less stress from attempting to do something very difficult, then you need the advice of a lawyer who’s experienced, who has solved many complex problems like this before, who can put the issues into perspective, gather the evidence, focus on the straightest path to victory and confidently represent you in a courtroom — or at least position your case in the best possible way for when that day comes.

This work starts at the outset of a matter with the very first written communications that are usually sent in an effort to resolve a dispute. It’s advisable to not attempt to resolve your dispute yourself with long protracted email-letter-text-message exchanges with your opponent.  The average civilian means well and passionately believes in their position, but has no idea what and what not to say, does not understand the rules of evidence, and is not emotionally distanced enough from the situation to be able to write an effective letter that states their position in a smart way.

Instead, the words they use in their communications are easily twisted, and that can be extremely damaging to the outcome of their case.   Even the most carefully crafted letter  can be used against you and come back to bite you down the line.

This is why we offer “Demand Letters on Demand” [TM] to help individuals on a limited budget obtain high quality legal advice and positioning of their matter by experienced trial lawyers on terms that don’t break the bank.

We offer flat fee limited scope representation arrangements to assist individuals and businesses on limited budgets who need help with positioning their case, strategy, and demand letter drafting. For more information, contact us, put “demand letter” in the subject line, and we will schedule a time for  us to speak and send you information about our rates.