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Cannabis in California is a booming business. In Los Angeles, if it seems like dispensaries are springing up on every corner — it’s because they are.  It’s no surprise that landlords want these types of tenants for their properties, given how lucrative a dispensary can be.

But leasing your property to a cannabis business can be a legal minefield.  The problem is, many dispensaries are not licensed with the California Bureau of Cannabis Control or the Los Angeles County Department of Cannabis Regulation.  This creates a huge risk to the health and safety of the general public who see the  green emblem in the window and assume they are purchasing medically safe and effective cannabis.  Liability for this risk trickles down to unsuspecting landlords.

Here’s where things get dicey:  entrepreneurs looking to open a cannabis dispensary must have a written lease agreement for a physical location before they can obtain a license permitting them to engage in “commercial cannabis activity.”

So what happens if you’re a landlord and your tenant is selling cannabis without a license?  This can create a multitude of issues and legal liability for you and your continued ownership of your property.

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