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Conflict in matters of money and business is an inevitable part of life.

Representing enterprises and entrepreneurs in handling them is our stock and trade.

As a Los Angeles business litigation attorney for three decades, Jennifer B. Gardner has represented hundreds of businesses and the individuals who run them in various types of disputes involving:

  • dissolution of corporation/partnership/LLC
  • unfair business practices
  • trade libel and defamation
  • interference with contract
  • fraud
  • breach of contract
  • accounts receivable
  • theft of intellectual property
  • accountings
  • employment, including class action wage and hour litigation
  • partnership disputes
  • securities fraud
  • purchase and sales disputes
  • breach of fiduciary duty – against advisers, accountants, corporate officers and directors and more

Jennifer B. Gardner started her career in the entertainment world, and expanded her practice to represent different industries in Southern California, including aerospace and circuit board manufactures, film makers (studios, distributors and production companies), real estate brokerages and agents, restauranteurs, online entrepreneurs and social media influencers, and startups.

She has extensive experience trying these cases before juries, as well as in seeking and opposing right to attach and possession orders, applications for provisional injunctive relief, civil contempt of court, expunging lis pendens, and anti-SLAPP motions.

These are just a few examples of the types of matters Los Angeles attorney Jennifer B. Gardner has handled.  To learn more or to obtain a complimentary case evaluation, contact her by calling 310-694-9855 or schedule a complimentary consultation by clicking here