Prostitution and Solicitation Sex Crimes On the Rise

By Jennifer Gardner

Being a Los Angeles Criminal Defense lawyer, I am often asked to represent people who are charged with sex crimes, including prostitution and solicitation-related sex crimes charged under Penal Code Section 647(b).   It seems these days that the requests for sex crimes-related legal defense is on the rise.  Recent local media reports confirm what I myself am seeing in my own practice:  prostitution tends to go up during tough economic times because more people walk the streets looking for ways to make money.   NBC News recently reported that some prostitution rings have been using abandoned homes that are in foreclosed in order to operate.   In the San Fernando Valley, prostitution often rotates between Lankershim and Sepulveda Boulevards.  Many of my cases involve arrests near Venice Beach and also in Hollywood.   Despite the efforts of Los Angeles Police Vice Squad, it is difficult to completely eradicate the “oldest profession” in the world.

Still, that does not stop law enforcement from trying: the number of prostitution-related arrests in the San Fernando Valley jumped 21 percent, from 28 in the first 66 days of 2011 to 34 in the same period this year.  Police are also busting massage parlors and escort services, and even setting up elaborate sting operations for people who use the internet (i.e., Craig’s List) to find customers.

We defend individuals accused of the following prostitution-related crimes:  soliciting an act of prostitution, loitering for the purpose of prostitution, agreeing to engage in an act of prostitution, escorting without a permit, engaging in lewd conduct, pimping and pandering.  If you have been arrested, investigated and/or charged with any of these prostitution-related offenses, we can help and defend you.  Don’t just plead guilty – contact us today for a free consultation. To read more about our services, go to:

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