“SHE ALWAYS HAS HER CLIENTS’ BEST INTERESTS AT HEART.” I met Jennifer 8 Years ago when I was in need of legal counsel. Little did I know how much work we would be doing together over the course of those 8 years. I’m grateful to all that she brought to the table to help me during this very trying time in my life. She is compassionate, but tough which I feel is not an easy balance to find, especially in the legal profession. Her wisdom and wealth of knowledge shows in all her interactions. Rest-assured, she always has her clients best interests at heart. C.E., 2021

An Attorney Who Will Fight For You In Your Legal Defense.” Jennifer B. Gardner is an attorney who listens carefully to you and reviews all facts before presenting a legal defense on your behalf. During my interaction with Ms. Gardner, I was facing a real estate breach of contract that the realtor refused to accept fault in his contractual negotiations with me as the consumer. Her experience in real estate dispute brought this argument to a positive outcome which she fought endlessly, to show the other side all the areas they missed as real estate professionals in meeting their contractual obligations. Ms. Gardner’s experience showed me that I could have not fought this by myself and I am so thankful that I came across her. Ms. Gardner also comes with a wealth of legal knowledge, including researching the case if needed to l fight for your defense .

 I want to say that this is the first time I am providing a review for anyone, but I needed to let others know that this attorney knows what she is doing and can provide you with the best legal service you will ever receive. She professional with many years of legal experience in defending her clients. If you are reading this review and are facing legal problems do not hesitate in calling Ms. Garner to represent you you will not be disappointed. – -Peter F., January 2020

“AMAZING LAWYER” Ms. Gardner handled a domestic violence case for me about six months ago. My ex set me up and called the cops on me when i was on parole during a fight. They arrested me, and charged me with adw, resisting arrest, and assault. I thought I was going back to prison, but Ms. Gardner did a great job of defending me and thankfully that did not happen. She was great with my family, talking to them regularly about my case and my chances. We are all extremely grateful to her. I hope I never need another attorney but I would definitely use her again. –Sebastian, May 07, 2012

“ONE OF THE BEST LAWYERS” Jennifer Gardner is one of the best lawyers. She has represented us twice and both times she did a extraordinary job. She is brilliant. We were going threw a very difficult time in our life we felt hopeless and lost but Ms. Gardner was very compassionate and knowledgeable and yes she won both cases and we will never know how to repay her.  Thanks Ms. Gardner.  –AR, 2018

“EXCELLENT AND PASSIONATE LAWYER” Jennifer met all my expectations and beyond. She communicated with me through out the entire process and made me feel at ease. I would recommend her to anyone who needs a good Domestic Violence lawyer. –Danny, April 19, 2012

“JENNIFER GARDNER- FANTASTIC CHOICE” Jennifer Gardner is amazing. She helped us through a very scary time in our life when our 21 year old college student was charged with a first offense DUI. From the first phone call, Jennifer was receptive, straight-forward and honest. She gave us the facts, possible scenarios and let us choose the best legal course for our son. She was fantastic in court, and helped us navigate a very confusing process. Jennifer is smart, savvy, personable and professional. I don’t think we would have made it through this ordeal without her efficient advice and expertise. We owe her a great deal, and would recommend her highly to anyone needing criminal representation. –Lisa, October 2010

“GREAT ADVICE! HIGHLY RECOMMEND” I reached out to Jennifer for legal advice regarding an ongoing dispute with my neighbor. Jennifer is very knowledgeable and carefully listed my options for me. While I’m still weighing my options, if I decide to move forward with legal counsel I would 100% hire Jennifer to represent me. –Maria, January 2019

“OUTSTANDING PROFESSIONAL” I have been working with Jennifer for one year and I highly recommend her. She has an extensive knowledge of the law and a deep understanding of the judicial system. Jennifer is very thorough, has excellent communication skills and always delivers! –Stephane, September 2015

“PROFOUND EXPERTISE AND PASSION” I highly recommend Jennifer Gardner–she comes to the table with such passion and expertise. Her communication skills are top-notch, and throughout our ordeal was able to be the rational, guiding force to navigate the law and the difficult personalities we were dealing with, to reach a resolution even when, for us, the situation may have gotten emotional–she kept us grounded. Above all, she was always our advocate, accessible, and we always felt we were in good hands. She is professional, knowledgeable, and has extensive experience from which she draws to tackle the issues that may arise with your case. — Muriel H. 2017

“Simply the Best”    Jennifer B. Gardner is BY FAR the most conscientious informative attorney I have ever worked with, I felt like my rights were protected to the fullest and that showed in the outcome.  A Domestic Violence case is sensitive to say the least as well as having a restraining order possibly placed upon you, Jennifer took care of my case with great care and understanding and I was relieved to say the very least! A+ in professionalism, compassion as well as legal knowledge, Thank you a million times over!”   RS, Domestic Violence Client, Summer 2014

“HIGHLY RECOMMENDED” Jennifer helped me with a legal situation recently. She gave me much needed peace of mind with the matter. I was so impressed with her work and appreciated her attentiveness and professionalism with my case. I would come back to her again if needed and highly recommend her services. Erin – 2013

“WISE SAGE” Ms. Gardner is the second attorney I consulted regarding a neighbor dispute. The first attorney, wanted $25K and took an attitude of “full speed ahead” without explaining the ramifications, or bothering to answer several key questions. Ms. Gardner explained my situation from a standpoint of experience. Pointing out that the $25K quoted by the first attorney, could rapidly increase to three times against a defendant who literally has nothing to lose (sadly this is a true statement, and I won’t opinion further). Lastly, Ms. Gardner was VERY responsive. I have reached out to 1 other attorney on AVVO who was non-responsive. Should I require the services of a quality attorney, Ms. Gardner is on speed dial! – Roger T. 2019

” A SHINING STAR!” I had the good fortune to be referred to Jennifer Gardner by another attorney who was unable to take my case. What a wonderful turn of events! Ms. Gardner represented me for a jury trial in Los Angeles Superior Court with a case that involved two counts of fraud, breach of contract, and quantum merit, among other things. Ms. Gardner brought in a unanimous jury verdict where all 12 jurors expediently decided in my favor. The jurors only quibbled over the amount of money I was to be awarded, which was well into six figures.

Ms. Gardner’s preparation for the trial and her professional conduct during the trial was extraordinary. She handled the jury selection, the witnesses, including myself, the documentary evidence, and the Judge as though she was conducting an orchestra. Ms. Gardner was open to collaborating with me on all aspects of the litigation from discovery, trial preparation, trying the case, and polling the jury after our successful verdict.

In my experience, Ms. Gardner is resourceful, intelligent, creative, and a born litigator. Above all, she conducted herself professionally at all times, even when opposing counsel did not. I would recommend Ms. Gardner to anyone, no matter how complicated or difficult their case may be. I have referred her to represent other attorneys, and I am likely to engage her services again myself, should the need arise. –Keith, June 16, 2011

“PROFESSIONAL AND COMPASSIONATE” Gardner & Associates were professional and compassionate about my case, I feel they handled everything with care and understanding and the best outcome was the result. They were informative and relayed their thoughts and expertise in a precision like fashion, this was more than just an attorney client relationship, I feel like they worked in my best interest, advised me accordingly and didn’t sensationalize anything or give me unrealistic advice. I simply couldn’t be happier, the team really was awesome in every capacity. Thanks Jennifer, you really provided the best legal advice and assertiveness I needed with this matter, a million thank you’s!!!   AAAAA+++++     AS, August 2014



Through my career, I’ve represented hundreds — possibly thousands — of individuals and enterprises in many different types of civil and criminal disputes. Below is a list of some of the results:

Victory following trial of real estate dispute for partition. Judgment of resulting trust for client — court found that client “owned” the property after he paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to pay off the mortgage over many years, even though his name was not on the deed.

Heavily litigated case between neighbors involving allegations of nuisance, interference with business, land use/zoning violations settled on the courthouse steps.

Unanimous jury verdict for client who sued claiming his business partners stole his intellectual property, defrauded him, breached their agreement, and stiffed him.

Verdict for client following court trial of a dispute for breach of contract, copyright infringement, etc., between songwriters in a legendary heavy metal band concerning each members’ percentage of credit/royalties for a hit song.

Victory in trial of real estate dispute for partition where client/estranged girlfriend sued to partition the property and/or reform a deed when her name was only on the loan yet not the grant deed.

Following a jury trial for felony assault with grave bodily injury in the Norwalk Branch of Los Angeles Superior Court, Jennifer Gardner the jury was hopelessly deadlocked after two days of deliberation.  Result: hung jury! Thereafter, case settled and later dismissed as a misdemeanor.

Client sued in high profile news-media intense civil case for sexual assault while criminal investigation was pending.  Case resolved with confidential settlement agreement: client never prosecuted.

Four year old civil default judgment reduced from $3.2 million to $1 million

Victory following trial in elder abuse case where client was wrongfully accused of financially defrauding and physically abusing his elderly  mother. 

Los Angeles mother of toddler charged with felony child endangerment, acquitted on all counts following 5 day jury trial.

Victory in restraining order case between client and his former financial adviser.

HUNG JURY following trial of Los Angeles resident charged with assault by means of force likely to produce great bodily injury and battery resulting in serious bodily injury.

Los Angeles resident charged with several counts including assault with a firearm on police officer, and facing 44 years in state prison due to “Use a Gun and You’re Done” and gang enhancements.  Result: charges reduced and client will be out of prison in approximately 3 years.

Two counts of terrorist threats dismissed following preliminary hearing in Los Angeles case.

Restraining order obtained on behalf of minor threatened with gun violence at a private school in the San Fernando Valley.

Arizona resident charged with several counts of forgery and elder abuse.  Result: probation only.

Client investigated for solicitation at a “bathhouse.”  Result: charges not filed.

Los Angeles resident accused of embezzlement of thousands of dollars.  Result: no charges filed.

Los Angeles Juvenile investigated for armed robbery, grand theft and conspiracy.  Result: Case not filed!

Santa Monica Juvenile charged with three felonies: resisting arrest, public drunkenness, and assault on a police officer.  Result: misdemeanor for disturbing the peace and summary probation for 6 months.

Los Angeles man charged with second degree murder for the death of his wife, and facing 15 years to life in state prison.  After jury trial, client acquitted of murder and convicted of involuntary manslaughter, and will serve approximately 1 and half years.

Los Angeles resident charged with felony child endangerment as a result of allegedly leaving his girlfriend’s child in the car, acquitted on all counts following jury trial.

Los Angeles resident charged with vehicular manslaughter, hit and run, DUI/DWI, and facing 17 years in state prison. Result: Charges reduced and client will be out of jail in 3.6 years.

Los Angeles resident and permanent legal resident charged with possession for sale of marijuana and cocaine and facing up to 5 years in state prison.  Result: probation and no jail time!

Los Angeles man accused of domestic violence, criminal threats and false imprisonment facing 4 years in state prison.  Result: probation and no jail time!

Client investigated for soliciting sex with a minor using internet chat room.  Result: no charges filed.

Client investigated for corporal injury on a child pursuant to Penal Code 273(d).  Result: no charges filed.

Los Angeles Juvenile tried for assault on a police officer, aggravated assault, criminal threats and resisting arrest. Result: probation granted and charges reduced to misdemeanor of disturbing the peace.

Probation only obtained for client charged with felony embezzlement from former employer. 

Charges not filed against client investigated for felony hit and run.

Probation only for client charged with multiple counts of contracting without a license in the City of Los Angeles.

Misdemeanor plea and probation only for former domestic partner accused of  battering his girlfriend.