Los Angeles domestic violence attorney Jennifer Gardner often handles “domestic violence” criminal cases between people who are or were married, living together or in a dating relationship.  Throughout the years she has successfully defended people who have been wrongfully charged with felony and misdemeanor counts of spousal rape, assault with great bodily injury, spousal battery, child endangerment or abuse, harassment and stalking.   She is very familiar with how emotional these cases are for her clients.  Often they are falsely accused by former partners seeking to gain leverage in a divorce/custody battle.

Domestic violence can occur between people who are (or were) married, who have lived together, or who are dating.  It can involve allegations of elder abuse.  It strikes men and women alike.  Although statistically women are more likely to be victims of domestic violence, men are often victims too.

Domestic violence consists of physical aggression or force used by a person upon someone with whom they have (or had) a domestic or personal relationship with —  whether it be their spouse, current or ex-boyfriend/girlfriend, domestic partner, child, or family member.  Law enforcement and the courts take domestic violence allegations  very seriously.  People frequently argue and threaten to call 911.  Once that call is made, the police will arrest the other party – even if it was the so-called “victim” who instigated the altercation – and charge them with a felony or misdemeanor.  What most people do not anticipate is that once they call 911 and the police and the courts are involved, their relationship is effectively over:  emergency protective orders will be issued preventing the parties from having contact with each other, leading to the end of the relationship, even if the case settles.  Thus, domestic violence allegations often break up families, displacing children and their parents, and lead to total chaos in one’s personal life.

Not only is Jennifer Gardner highly skilled at representing people facing domestic violence charges, but she understands that these cases are emotionally charged and works with her clients to develop their stories and defenses.  She works hard to defend her clients, and works with them to develop an aggressive defense strategy.   She is committed to winning the case at trial, or through a reduction or dismissal of the charges.

Domestic violence attorney Jennifer Gardner regularly gives free consultations to people in need of legal counsel.  To learn more about how Jennifer Gardner might help you, contact her online or call 310-694-9855 or call toll free at 800-605-2527.