Does It Really Cost $900,000 to Hide The Fact That You Are Having An Affair??

I am equal parts entertained and disgusted while reading about the John Edwards criminal trial that is going on now in North Carolina.  This story hits so many archetypal high notes.  His former “longtime trusted aide” has already sold the movie-rights to the story and is testifying against him today, saying how he was “suspicious” all along of Edward’s affair with his videographer-mistress-nowbabymama.  All the while, Edwards was spending the money he raised from a couple of rich people and the rest of his average-Joe followers in order to cover up the affair from the public and his dying wife in order to protect his ticket to the presidency.  Great story.  Too bad it’s true.

Sins, but not crimes, gifts not contributions, his lawyers say.  I would probably spin it that way too.  But still, it’s pretty sickening.   I don’t know, folks.  Do we forgive this one?


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