Attorney Jennifer B. Gardner

I’ve proudly served clients in criminal and civil legal disputes since 1987 as a trial lawyer, and I’ve owned my own law firm in Los Angeles, California since 1992. I’m a proud graduate of the Trial Lawyers College, a writer, a speaker, and a lawyer.

My speciality is developing the story of your case and telling it in a compelling way at every phase of the litigation. I’ve represented individuals and enterprises of all sizes in business and real estate disputes (just about any kind of dispute concerning money, reputation, intellectual property, real property and corporate/partnership dissolutions).   I spent years as a criminal defense trial lawyer, defending individuals accused of serious felonies involving allegations of sexual assault, rape, murder, kidnapping, domestic violence, robbery, and cyberbullying, stalking and harassment.

I am one of those rare attorneys with both criminal and civil trial experience, which helps me when representing clients accused of sexual assault in civil cases who are targets of ongoing criminal investigations or proceedings. Although I rarely accept criminal cases, that experience informs every aspect of my current work for clients.

My expertise is weaving a compelling, persuasive narrative out of the complex events, emotional dynamics and circumstances of your dispute or legal problem, and developing a messaging strategy around “what happened” that I use to position you in the strongest possible way well before trial. I’m always a student of advanced persuasion, influential communication and trial techniques.  I continue to study and train so that I can hone these skills and better serve my clients.  I also assist clients in need of crisis public relations and communications strategy/management.

As you may have seen, I own a strategic brand consulting business and I educate professionals and businesses about how to apply powerful communication strategies in their digital messaging for business growth. I’m a frequent public speaker and educator on these topics.

Additionally, for approximately 18 years I’ve served as a part time administrative law judge for the Los Angeles County Civil Service Commission where I hear primarily matters involving on and off duty misconduct for law enforcement.

Last year I officially became “of counsel” to the law firm of Booth LLP.   Through this affiliation I’m able to provide my clients with even more cost-effective yet high-quality legal representation experience.

Thank you for visiting this page and taking the time to read this.  I wish you all the best in life and with your legal issue.