My pledge to you:

I care deeply about each of my clients. I am committed to working with them to thoroughly develop and present their cases. If you choose me as your lawyer, I will partner with you to make sure that all factual and legal theories are fully explored. I will leave no stone unturned in defending you or prosecuting your case. While my goal always is to win, ultimately the jury or judge may see things differently than you and I. At the end of day when the battle is over, my goal is that you will feel satisfied, that you did all you could do, that your lawyer was fully prepared, committed to your cause, and gave 1000% fighting for you throughout the litigation and in the courtroom.

I am an experienced trial attorney with expertise in litigating civil and criminal matters before judges and juries. I am a graduate of the Gerry Spence Trial Lawyer’s College where I continue to work and train with some of the best trial lawyers in the country, practicing and perfecting my trial skills. I relish fighting for my client’s rights in the courtroom. I am proud of my humanistic and emotional approach and attention to details. I am also proud of my track record. I enjoy challenging, difficult cases for people who have been wronged.

Because of the time and energy that each matter deserves, I am selective in who I represent and in the cases I take on. I personally supervise and oversee all work that is done on my clients’ cases. I will not needlessly spend time and incur fees or have others do so at my direction. I will not unnecessarily incur costs. We will collaborate together to ensure that every minute and every dollar spent on your matter is time and money well spent.

Here is a sample of the kinds of cases I have litigated (most of them through trial) during my 29-year legal career:

Real estate – nuisance, neighbor disputes, boundary line disputes, easements, land use, quiet title, partition, seller-broker fraud, breach of contract, breach of lease
Business disputes – breach of contract, dissolutions, breach of fiduciary duty, fraud, tortious interference, slander of title
Employment disputes, including discrimination, harassment, and complex class action wage and hour matters
Civil Harassment Restraining Orders
Defamation (including internet defamation) and Invasion of Privacy
Dog Bites and Animal Rights
Pre-Judgment Attachment Proceedings, Writs of Mandamus, Preliminary Injunction, Receiverships

Domestic Violence
Sex Crimes, including Rape and Child Molestation
Murder and Manslaughter
Criminal Threats
Assault With a Deadly Weapon
Assault and Battery
Child Abuse and Child Endangerment
Grand Theft, Embezzlement and Forgery