QUESTION: What do Most Gentlemen Who Are Presently Incarcerated Have in Common?

ANSWER: They are usually in jail as a result of drugs, alcohol, sex, a woman, or all or any combination of the above.

Most of our male clients are in legal troubles up to their eyeballs because of a woman, usually one they loved at one time (and usually one who is not their mother).   From the angry baby mama who snitched, to the underaged stepdaughter who lied to police about her stepdad’s alleged sexual advances, to the vindictive soon-to-be-ex-wife who fabricates a battery charge in order to send her husband back to state prison for a probation violation.    It’s not just a trend.  It’s a sad fact of the matter that dysfunctional human relationships are at the core of most criminal cases we defend.

If this sounds familiar, you don’t need just a good lawyer or legal technician.  You need a great lawyer.  You need a lawyer who gets it.

That’s what separates the good lawyers from the great ones.  Those who understand human dynamics and the stuff of human relationships, the universality of the personal issues which underlie each and every criminal case.  One who can communicate with you and communicate about you while in front of a jury.  One who will resonate with the jury and who can tell your story in a compelling, compassionate way so that not just you and he/she get it, but so that the jury can get it, too.

The lawyers who do that the best are highly empathic and persuasive, in addition to being very skilled at what they do.   They have not only been around a courtroom, but they have been around the block.

We get it.  Sure, we know the law (and when we don’t, we know where to look it up), but mostly we know human relationships.  It’s ironic that world renowned scientist Albert Einstein was reported to have said, “Work on humanity, and forget all the rest.”  That one thought drives us to a great extent in every case we defend – not only in understanding the true humanity of a client but conveying to the jury the very core of exactly what happened, and who our client is.

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