Partners in Crime with Mark McBride

As many of you already know, my good friend and colleague, attorney Mark McBride and I joined forces in the second half of 2009 with the goal of providing a team approach to providing private criminal representation, and since then the firm’s criminal law practice has grown substantially. Mark is an outstanding lawyer who has devoted his entire career to representing individuals accused of committing crimes. Recently, he was named as one of LA’s “celebrity go-to” lawyers (

I asked Mark to give me a list of what he considers to be his biggest accomplishments so that I could post them here, and this is what he said:
“1.  Dedicated and husband and father;

  1. Tried misdemeanor cases while still in law school;
  2. Started criminal practice while only 25 years old and with $600.00 in the bank;
  3. I have never prosecuted anyone, and never will;
  4. I have conducted research and writing for, and had as mentors, some of the best and most high profile criminal defense attorneys not only in California but across the country.
  5. I am admitted to practice in all the State Courts in both Utah and California, and am admitted to practice in several federal jurisdictions, which include:  The Central District of California, the Eastern District of California, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, the District of Utah, the Northern District of Illinois, and the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals in Virginia. In addition to Utah’s and California’s state courts, I have also been admitted, as a friend of the Court, in several other state criminal courts across the country, which include New York, Florida, and South Dakota;
  6. My first high profile case occurred when I was only 27 years old, during which I was part of the defense team on the nationally known Tom Green bigamy prosecution in Utah. Since then, I have had many high profile and celebrity clients;8.  Since becoming a criminal defense attorney, I have handled at least 250 criminal cases, which have run the gamut of criminal offenses (traffic violations, DUI’s, murder, child sexual abuse, narcotics trafficking at the federal level, white collar crime, parallel SEC investigations amidst allegations of federal crime, bank robbery, and so on and on);
  7. As a criminal defense attorney, and before criminal charges have ever been filed, I have successfully persuaded law enforcement officials and prosecutors not to charge crimes at all on dozens of occasions;
  8. My most recent victory?  In mid-June 2010, I obtained a dismissal of an attempted murder charge, in Pasadena, after a gut-wrenching and lengthy preliminary hearing, during which I proved that the complaining witness had no credibility.  This is a virtually unheard of accomplishment, as the burden on prosecutors is considered to be quite low during a preliminary hearing.  Various criminal lawyers in Southern California have extended their amazement and congratulations to me in light of this victory, since they know how low the burden is, for the State, during a preliminary hearing.”

Mark is a tireless, passionate advocate. We compliment each other really well and enjoy aggressively defending our clients. It’s exciting and gratifying to work together to achieve the amazing results we are achieving on all of our cases. I believe this is because we make a powerful team and a potent adversary, which is what you need when you are up against the government.Mark and I do our best to level the playing field for our clients so that they get more than just a fair shake. I am really proud to be associated with Mark, and of all the good work we are doing.  For more information about our criminal defense law practice, check out ,

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