Cell Phones in Prisons: Shocking but TRUE!

You may or may not be surprised to know that many inmates serving time in our prisons (and jails) have cell phones. You may also be surprised to know that often, they get them from the guards. Shocking, yes, but true.


In fact, in October of 2011, the Los Angeles Times reported about the “growing problem for California corrections officials. Just five years ago, only 261 of the devices turned up behind state prison walls. This year, guards are on pace to seize about 15,000 phones — nearly one for every 11 inmates. Almost as troubling as prisoners gaining access to cellphones is their frequent source: prison employees.”

As a lawyer practicing criminal defense, I have clients who have served their time be denied the right to parole when they are caught with contraband cell phones. If one of your loved ones is behind bars and he is calling you on a cell phone — hang up if you want to see him or her soon again.

Jennifer Gardner is a Los Angeles Attorney practicing criminal defense and complex civil litigation. Read more about her work at: http://Los AngelesCriminalLawDefense.com

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