Spousal Rape charges carrying potential prison sentence of 8 years dismissed; client pleads to misdemeanor with deferred entry of judgment.

Probation only obtained for client charged with felony embezzlement from former employer.

Charges not filed against client investigated for felony hit and run.

Probation only for client charged with multiple counts of contracting without a license in the City of Los Angeles.

Misdemeanor plea and probation only for former domestic partner accused of battering his girlfriend.

Hung Jury Following Jury Trial for Assault with Deadly Weapon Causing Great Bodily Injury:  Following a jury trial in the Norwalk Branch of Los Angeles Superior Court, Jennifer Gardner the jury was hopelessly deadlocked after two days of deliberation.

Two Criminal Threats Counts Dismissed in Felony ADW Case:  Private criminal defense client has two “strikes” dismissed against him prior to trial.

Case Dismissed Against Client Who Was Victim of Identity Fraud:  Our client is officially off-the-hook for thousands of dollars she was being sued for following the theft of her identity and the forgery of her signature.

$3.3 Million Victory in White Collar Civil Case following Employee Embezzlement:  Justice finally obtained for our client who was defrauded out of millions of dollars by former Chief Financial Officer.

$1 million Judgment Won In Lawsuit Between Former Domestic Partners:  In a lawsuit for fraud and breach of fiduciary duty between former domestic partners, we won a $1 million judgment.

Client acquitted of Felony Child Endangerment.

Client Acquitted of Second Degree Murder:  Client acquitted of second degree murder following the death of his wife.  Jury found the death was accidental and convicted of involuntary manslaughter, avoiding possible sentence of 15 years to life.

Equitable Easement Obtained in Neighbor Dispute:  In nasty dispute between adjoining property owners, case ultimately resolved with elderly client being paid damages for emotional distress suffered as a result of elder abuse by her next door neighbor, in addition to an equitable easement.

Alleged Gang Member Avoids Life Sentence Where Accused of Assault with a Firearm on Police Officer:  Los Angeles resident charged with several counts including assault with a firearm on police officer, and facing 44 years in state prison due to “Use a Gun and You’re Done” and gang enhancements.  Result: charges reduced and client will be out of prison in approximately 3 years.

Client Acquitted of Felony Child Endangerment:  Felony Child Endangerment case – client acquitted on all counts.

Probation Only for Client Charged with Multiple Felonies Including Forgery of Signature on Securities and Elder Abuse:  Client was charged with several counts of grand theft and elder abuse for allegedly forging his elderly aunt’s signature on numerous bond certificates.

Victory in Court of Appeal:  Successfully opposed petition for writ of mandate following ruling challenging denial of summary judgment involving land use issues.