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Litigation attorney Jennifer B. Gardner has spent most of her legal career representing individuals and enterprises in business and real estate disputes. She began her legal career handling entertainment industry-related disputes, and quickly branched out to include all kinds of commercial disputes for a wide array of individuals and enterprises.

Business Disputes

Ms. Gardner has litigated numerous disputes involving these common business issues:

  • Employment, including discrimination and wage and hour litigation
  • breach of contract and fraud
  • trade secrets
  • unfair competition
  • unfair business practices
  • slander/defamation/anti-SLAPP (Civil Code § 425.16)
  • interference with business and trade libel
  • copyright/trademark infringement
  • Lanham Act violations (15 U.S.C. 1124, et seq.)
  • collections (pre and post-judgment)
  • partnership and shareholder disputes and dissolutions
  • employment agreements
  • commercial lease disputes

Real Estate Disputes

In matters involving real estate, Ms. Gardner has represented clients in numerous matters involving the following issues:

  • land use/zoning
  • boundary line disputes between neighbors
  • equitable and prescriptive easements
  • nuisance
  • quiet title
  • partition
  • real estate broker and seller fraud and failure to disclose
  • commercial lease/landlord and tenant disputes
  • HOA law including actions involving the Davis-Stirling Act (Civil Code § 4000 – 6150)
  • partnership and ownership disputes
  • purchase and sales disputes
  • breach of contract
  • slander of title
  • construction defect

Necessary Pre-Judgement Remedies

When the circumstances warrant it, Ms. Gardner has successfully obtained for her clients all types of pre-judgment remedies, including pre-judgment writs of attachment, temporary protective orders and preliminary injunctions. Should your matter fail to resolve, she has tried countless trials before judges and juries, winning outstanding results.

Sometimes when a problem or dispute arises, it is obvious that you need legal assistance in order to find a solution. Other times, it is less clear. Here are some of the situations recently confronted by Ms. Gardner’s clients:

  • Your plans to close escrow on your dream home fall through when suddenly credit markets seize, the bank won’t make the loan and seller refuses to give you back your deposit.
  • Your landlord refuses to consent to a proposed sub-tenant and instead leases your commercial space to your biggest competitor and evicts you from the premises.
  • Your domestic partner sues you for partition of the home you shared for twenty years that you made all the mortgage payments for, although you are both listed on the deed.
  • Your neighbor keeps two snarling, barking pit-bulls in his condominium despite HOA rules against having more than one pet that weighs over 15 pounds.
  • Your documentary film may not show at the festival because one of its subjects is threatening to sue for slander and invasion of privacy.
  • Your first feature films director is suing to stop the release claiming he was not given co-producer and “written-by” credit.
  • Your largest client is claiming that he should not have to pay any management fees because you also acted as his agent and procured employment.
  • Your entire 35-year film archive was lost in a fire and the storage facility is refusing to compensate you even though the rental agreement states there is insurance.
  • Your Chief Financial Officer has embezzled millions of dollars and fled the country, and what’s left of any collectible assets are scheduled for immediate foreclosure.
  • Someone has stolen your identity and the credit agency is seeking to recover thousands of dollars from you for charges you did not make, jeopardizing your credit and causing many sleepless nights.
  • You are being sued by your former employer for trade secrets and unfair competition, and while you were representing yourself in pro per, a court in another state issued a preliminary injunction against you stopping you from earning a living during the pendency of the litigation.
  • Your physician-business partner is not working as hard as you, and skimming the profits; you want to dissolve the business, but your shareholder agreement has a non-compete clause in it.

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